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God Morning supports the fight against Human Trafficking.
With every GOD Morning book purchase, proceeds go to fight against Human Trafficking.

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Hi sister, This is Maureen from Trinidad. Great encouragement! I experienced the possible ability of the Holy Spirit today. I ran out of tiles for my kitchen and the hardware told me last week that they were out of it and did not know if I will get the same tile again. I prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to find it for me. Today I got a call from the haradware stating that a man brough back the identical tile for something else. I got my 6 tiles today. With God all things are possible!
Maureen Alpheus
via Facebook
God morning Jamillah, Today December 25th 2012, is a reminder, for the Believer, that our redeemer came 2000 years ago He bought us with his Blood, the debt have paid in full, our souls have been set free. Free to Glorify, Honor, & Worship our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ Let us all remember with thanksgiving the marical is alive in us this day and always. Love & Peace, Sheila.
Sheila Banfield
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All I can say is Wow! After years of building sites by hand I thought I would try out a Wordpress theme. So glad I choose yours, it looks fantastic and has been very easy to adapt to my requirements. It works perfectly on every device which I have tested physically and also via browserstack. Anyone worried about the themes speed, should not be. Put it on a decent server close to your audience and it will fly, my tests show 1.4 second loading times thats without any Cache plug ins. The support has been very fast and professional. As a long time user of Envato (they was based in a garage, when I joined) I can easily say this is my favourite product I have ever purchased!
via ThemeForest
Thanks for putting The 7 out there — its so user friendly that even someone with very limited web experience like myself can build a site. For my first theme I'm lucky I found yours!
via our Support Portal
My two year search is over! I have tried over 30 themes from Themeforest, many of them occupying the top 10, but The7 is by far the best I have used. That’s not to say the other themes are poor, it’s just that The7 is the fastest, easiest to make a site look professional (I have no idea about coding html etc) and the demo material is second to none. I can’t believe these guys charge $55; well it’s definitely the best $55 dollars I’ve ever spent on a product. Thank you so much Dream-Theme. This site so much deserves to be number 1.
via ThemeForest
God Morning to you: I am taking a moment to reflect on the glorious power of YAHWEH!Each day that I allow him to have total control over my life HE shows me more of HIMSELF. I have fallen in love with my savior and I am so excited to see what HE does with me.Well bye for now I just wanted to share. Have a wonderful God day. Love Liz
Elizabeth Bennett
via GodMorningToYou
Steadily moving forward, step by step, is the prayer of my heart for this season. I’m learning the true meaning of endurance and blessing in waiting. Thank you for this reminder.
Natasha Cozart
via Facebook
GOD Morning is an AMAZING website! I've read the daily devotionals countless of times over the past months, and this has got to be one of the most impacting and influential devotionals I've ever come across.
Recreatd Logo
Recreatd Media
via has helped me stay on track with my spiritual walk. The daily devotionals provided in the book are life changing and I am discovering who am in Christ.
Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 3.11.16 PM
Erico Rovayo
via Facebook
I am going to ponder on this one today. It’s easy to stay in a familiar place. It’s more important to be in the place God wants you and can use u more effectively.
Mary Spero

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