GOD MORNING!! is written by Rev. Jamillah A. Mantilla, who is the President and Visionary Founder of Global Business Imagineer™ Enterprises, Inc. Global Business Imagineer™ fosters an environment that allows the unimaginable to become imaginable.

She has served as a faith-based consultant for many distinguished organizations  such as the New Jersey Small BusinessDevelopment Centers, Proceed, Inc. and  Faith Fellowship Community Development Centers servicing over 60 nonprofit organizations state-wide. With over 14 years of experience in organizational  development. A well seasoned and internationally recognized professional within  the nonprofit, faith-based, travel, and IT arenas, Rev. Mantilla has implemented  corporate infrastructures, provided world travel solutions to over 120 nations  of the world and provided capacity building solution models for hundreds of  enterprises.

Rev. Mantilla is a licensed minister, prolific intercessor, elder, chaplain,  licensed pastoral counselor certified by the Sarasota Academy of Christian  Counselors, founder of Your Business in a Red Box, Global Business Imagineers, Global Broadcasting  International, T.A.N.O. (Technologically Advanced Non- Profit Organizations),  and other business enterprises. Rev. Mantilla has been a keynote speaker for  various industry and empowerment events. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate degree in Christian Counseling.

She  holds a BA in Political Science from Rutgers University’s Douglass College and a  Mini-MBA in Finance from Rutgers University. Rev. Mantilla is also a graduate of  Faith International Training School of Fort Myers, FL, and Kingdom University of  Orlando, FL. Rev. Mantilla is married to Elder Miguel A. Mantilla who is her anointed gift from God.