GOD MORNING!!! His brother followed, his FIST clutched tight to Esau’s heel; they named him Jacob (Heel). Isaac was sixty years old when they were born. (Genesis 25:26 MSG)


FIST ball beat ‘em all FRIDAY!!!!Remember that fun hand game we played as kids named  1-2-3 shoot?? Someone would always throw a FIST ball and beat ‘em all!! Jacob threw a FIST ball to his brother and tricked him into giving up his birthright!!!!  Your hands are weapons of mass destruction in the spirit as GOD even causes your hands to war and your fingers to fight!!!


As a result put your FIST up against every negative situation attempting to affect you and your loved ones today and declare FIST ball beat ‘em all FRIDAY!!!


PRAYER: Lord according to Isaiah 9:6 you are Jehovah Gibbor, the Lord strong and mighty! Psalms 24:8 declares you are mighty in battle!! As a result I lock my faith with your word and I throw up my FIST as a prophetic declaration that every hindrance and mountain that has been presented in my life must bow down in the name of Jesus!! Amen


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