GOD MORNING!!!! Then Jonathan said to David, “Tomorrow is the New Moon feast. You will be MISSED, because your seat will be empty.” (1 Samuel 20:18 NIV)


Ive-been-MISSING-you-since-youve-been-gone-away-mondayIve-been-MISSING-you-since-youve-been-gone-away-mondaySometimes we have to leave a familiar place even at a seat of honor to secure our future destiny to honor and please GOD!!! It’s not popular as a matter of fact others who view you as a co-dependent will even become angry.

Please GOD first as HE is the creator before trying to please man as he is the creation. If they MISS you it’s okay as GOD wants you eternally.


PRAYER: Father, thank you for the plans that you have for me which are only for good. Today I’m going to focus on pleasing you even if it’s not popular with others. You are my rock and my salvation and I trust in you today.


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2 thoughts on “I’ve been MISSING you since you’ve been gone away MONDAY

  1. Mary Spero

    I am going to ponder on this one today. It’s easy to stay in a familiar place. It’s more important to be in the place God wants you and can use u more effectively.

  2. We are greatful of the work you doing to encourage us through the God morning.

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