GOD MORNING!!! ….They hauled out the sacred phallic stone from the temple of Baal and pulverized it. They smashed the Baal altars and tore down the Baal temple. It’s been a public TOILET ever since. (2 Kings 10:27 MSG)

put the toilet seat downHave you ever expressed your deep sentiments to a loved one by verbalizing in a loud tone to put down the TOILET seat??? Well it’s time to do so to the devil today.

Use your authority in Christ Jesus and place all of his foul lies, deceit and evil works in the spiritual abyss TOILET and put down the seat and oh don’t forget to flush!!!!


PRAYER: All authority and All power belong to Christ Jesus!!! Since I am made in HIS image and likeness I exercise my Kingdom rights to superimpose GOD’s original plans and purposes over the enemy of my soul and disengage any of his tactics, schemes, plots or plans in Jesus Name!


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