GOD MORNING!!! [The Lord] appointed the moon for the seasons; the sun knows [the exact time of] its setting. (Psalm 104:19 AMP)

'tis the season for jesusAs we celebrate Christ’s birth today

let us reflect on the seasons HIS grace and love has brought us through and rejoice in the plans HE designed for our

Prayer: Daddy thank you for the best gift you could ever give us in your son Jesus. As I give and receive gifts today, I remember how you gave your only begotten son and how I received your special grace (unmerited favor). Amen


We would love to hear how this God Morning spoke to your heart. Share your thoughts and comments below!

One thought on “‘Tis the season TUESDAY!!!

  1. Sheila

    God morning Jamillah,
    Today December 25th 2012, is a reminder, for the Believer, that our redeemer came 2000 years ago
    He bought us with his Blood, the debt have paid in full, our souls have been set free.
    Free to Glorify, Honor, & Worship our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ
    Let us all remember with thanksgiving the marical is alive in us this day and always.
    Love & Peace,

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