GOD MORNING!!! Make the king a winner, God; the day we call, give us your answer. (Psalm 20:9 MSG)

Winner-take-all is a computational principle applied in computational models of neural networks by which neurons in a layer compete with each others for activation. In the classical form, only the neuron with the highest activation stays active while all other neurons shut down. Jesus defeated Satan. He’s stripped him of his power and made a show of him. The enemy may attempt to make you believe that he’s in control but don’t buy it! Jesus shut him down just like inactive neurons!!! Christ reigns and we reign with HIM. The WINNER, Jesus Christ took it all on the cross for us so stand tall and face the enemy of your soul and take back your joy, family, health, business, finances and anything else because it’s WINNER take all WEDNESDAY!!!!


Prayer: Jesus, help me to not be deceived by what I see today, but instead be encouraged by the truth that the victory has already been won for me!  The case is therefore settled.

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