GOD MORNING!!! Skillful and godly Wisdom is more precious than rubies; and nothing you can WISH for is to be compared to her. (Proverbs 3:15 AMP)


wishing-well-wednesdayHave you ever thrown change in a fountain or a WELL and made a WISH? The idea that a WISH would be granted came from the idea that the water housed deities or had been placed there as a gift from the gods, since water was a source of life and often a scarce commodity.

The bible tells us that there’s NO-thing that we could ever WISH for that could compare to wisdom. So put your change in the offering and thank GOD for His wisdom today as you have the mind of Christ!


PRAYER: Daddy, you are my ever increasing supply! Through your word you have taught me that I don’t have to WISH for things but that I can have whatever I say according to your word. I have a Kingly anointing to decree and to declare a thing and it shall come to pass! I am an Ambassador for Christ and I have the power of attorney by Jesus Himself to use HIS name which is above every name! Thank you Father that I no longer WISH but receive!!


We would love to hear how this God Morning spoke to your heart. Share your thoughts and comments below!

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